The Water Polo team is divided into 2 different age categories for each gender:
  • 14 & Under Girls
  • 16 & Under Girls
  • 14 & Under Boys
  • 16 & Under Boys
Players under the age of 14 can play in both categories, while those over the age of 14 may only play in the 16 & under category.

We welcome all that wish to join, and no one is under obligation to stay. We encourage people to come and see what Water Polo is all about! Practices are held regularly. While practice times are set, the players are welcome to ask coaches for extra help. If players can not make a practice or a game, they are expected to notify their coach as far in advance as possible. The season consists of dual meets and, if we qualify, Playoffs and the Championship Finals.

There is also an annual Water Polo competition between the best teams of the NAA and our neighbor association ALPS called Quebec Games which is hosted by Dollard Water Polo. Should we qualify in one of the 4 categories we will be able to compete against the best Water Polo athletes of the West Island!

In addition, there is an opportunity for those 12 and under to participate in the annual 12 and under Water Polo Tournament. Teams for that competition can be mixed gender.