Fairview Staff - 2020

Hey Fairview!! My name’s Maria and I’m super excited to be guarding at Fairview this summer! I’ve spent my summers at the pool for as long as I can remember as I grew up at Westminster pool. I will be graduating at Saint-Thomas this spring and I can’t wait for the swim meet, water polo games, diving meets, and all of it to start!! I’m super excited to meet you all, go rays!!!
Hey Fairview! My name’s Stella and this year I’m a junior. I swim for Dorval in the winter and I just graduated from PCHS. I spent 10 years at Valleycrest doing swim team, synchro, and waterpolo. I can’t wait for summer to start and to meet all of you!
Hey FVW, I’m Nicholas but you can call me Nick or Nico and I will be one of the junior lifeguards at this pool! I grew up at Elm Park Pool swimming and playing waterpolo. I’m in my last year of high school and will be going off to Cegep next year. But before I do so, I can’t wait spend the summer with all of you. Looking forward to seeing all of you on the pool deck!
Hey Rays! I'm coming back for my second year and I am so excited to see everyone! This past year I got back into winter swimming with Pointe Claire Masters and I competed for the John Abbott swim team. I have just completed my first year at JAC in sciences. I can't wait for summer, to make great memories with all of you Rays!! See you guys soon! - Julia
What's up Rays! Summer is so close, I can't wait to see all of you again. I will be back as an intermediate lifeguard and I will be coaching swim team and water polo. Let's have some fun Rays. Cheers to another great summer!! - Alex
What’s good Fairview! The name’s Griffin and I’m back for my 2nd summer as an intermediate. I am finishing up my 1st year at John Abbott and could not be more pumped for the summer! I’m getting tired of the cold winter and can’t wait to start getting cold freezies from the cookie monster!! Get ready because this summer’s going to be a blast... GO RAYS!!!
Hey Fairview! I’m Tori, it’s my second year guarding and I’m coming back as a Senior this summer!! I can’t wait to see all of you. I’ll be coaching swim team as well as being the head of synchro. I’m so excited to make even more memories with you all this summer! Let’s go rays!!
Hey Rays! It’s me Yassin and I’m back for my 3rd summer at Fairview. It’s been a tough winter for everyone I imagine but I can’t wait to be back at the pool and have fun with you guys! Get your suits and goggles ready because summer is right around the corner!!!
Hey Rays!!! I'm so excited to be back at Fairview, I can't wait to have another great summer with everyone. It's going to be so much fun!! - Brandon
Hey Rays! I’m so excited to be coming back for my third year at Fairview Pool! I am currently a first year student at Marianopolis and can’t wait to get back in the pool and see you all this summer! Get ready to swim and let’s have an awesome season! - Olivia
Hey Fairview! It’s Bee and I’m so excited to be back for my fourth summer at the pool! I’m counting down the days to summer and can’t wait to see all of the familiar faces, as well as meeting all the new members joining our family! Looking forward some much needed time by the pool after a long winter!
HEY RAYS! My name’s Karina and I am back again for my 5th summer of guarding at Fairview as a manager! I’m so excited for the pool to finally open again and having some fun in the sun! Over the winter I started studying Psychology at McGill University and I was also a coach for the Dorval Swim Club. Can’t wait to see all of you guys, let’s make this an unforgettable summer!!
What’s up Rays!!! It’s Josh and I’m back again for my 5th summer at the pool. I’ve spent the past 10 months studying Bob and puck strategies and I can’t wait to be back with you guys. In between my belly flop competitions and Josh jump lessons, I’ve spent time finishing up my third year at McGill. Hope you’re all ready for an action-packed summer! Go Rays!!!