Fairview Staff - 2018

Hey Rays! I can’t wait to be reunited with the Fairview family! I’ll be coming backfor my fifth year as manager and I couldn’t be more excited to see you all. I will be coaching swim team and leaders this upcoming summer. I just finished my first year at McGill University studying Marketing. It’s been a long winter so I’m sure we are all looking forward to a little bit of sunshine. This summer is going to be a blast. Counting down the days! - Mel
Hey Fairview rays! I'm Liv and this is my 5th summer at Fairview. I'll be returning as assistant manager and I'm very excited to be coaching prejunior synchro and 8 and under swim team this summer! I just finished my final year at john Abbott college and will be attending University in the fall. Over the winter I coached synchro at Beaconsfield. I'm ready for summer to come and hope to see everyone having a blast all summer long!
HEY RAYS!! I am super excited to be returning to Fairview this summer and I just cannot wait until summer finally begins… already started the countdown on my calendar! I miss all of you rays so much and I'm so excited for our Fairview family to be together everyday again by the pool. I am so ready to put my winter jacket and boots away, to get my bathing suits out and tan on, and to be able to spend everyday by the pool with the best bunch of pool rats. Let's get ready for summer 2018, it's coming up right around the corner!! - Mikayla
Hey Fairview! My name is Lexi Meklensek and this is my third year at Fairview (as a lifeguard). I will be back with staff as a senior supervisor and I'm so excited to be able to be apart of the pool again! I'll be coaching 9-10 swim team and synchro, as well as helping out around the pool. I have been coaching competitive swimming for about 8 years, along with dabbling in synchro. My Fairview memories are all great ones and I cannot wait to come home and help create new ones with our members! Let's get ready for our best summer yet!
FAIRVIEW! I’m back for my third year and I couldn’t be more excited! This year I’m coaching water-polo and 11&12 swim team. I just finished my first year at McGill and I can’t wait to see you all this summer! Get ready for lots of fun and let’s bring home that A trophy! - Josh
Hey Fairview! Summer is coming up soon and I can’t wait to see you all for another unforgettable summer! I’ll be coming back as a supervisor and I’ll be coaching the 9&10 as well as the 13-14/Open swim teams! I have been competitively swimming at DDO for 6 years and just finished up my first year playing water-polo for DDO! I'll be starting my second year at John Abbott College in Health Sciences this fall. I’m so excited for this summer and get pumped because Fairview turns 50 this summer! Let’s go Rays! - Karina
Hey Fairview!I am beyond excited for this summer to finally begin, and to finally say goodbye to these countless cold days!!! I will be coming back to the fam as an intermediate this year.Can’t wait to see you all again! - Laura
Hey Fairview! I can’t wait to be back this summer as an intermediate! I’ll be coaching 8&unders and waterpolo. After a long winter of waiting, I’m so excited to dive back into the summer with all of you! Let’s make this one the best one yet!! - Bee
Hey Fairview! I can’t wait to get back in the sun and see all your wonderful faces. I’m back for my second summer and am stoked to be coaching leaders and GUPPIES! I’m just finishing up my first year of cegep at Marianopolis College and I’m looking forward to relaxing around the pool with y’all! We’re going to make some amazing memories this year, I’M SO EXCITED! - Neel
Hey guys! My name is Brandon and I will be one of your junior lifeguards this year. I grew up diving and playing waterpolo at Westminster pool, I’m really excited to spend time with you all and hopefully coach some of you. See you this summer!
Hey fairview! Can’t wait to join you guys for my first summer as a guard! I’ve been a member at Ecclestone pool for over 10 years and am going into my last year at Villa Maria High School. I swam competitively at Pointe-Claire for 6 years and also played a year of water polo at DDO. This summer I’ll be coaching the 13/14 swim team and synchro. Can’t wait to join you all for an awesome summer! Let’s bring home the gold! - Olivia
Hey Fairview! My name is Yassin and I will be a Junior this summer. I went to ECC for 2 years and I’ve been playing DDO waterpolo for the past 7 winters. I will be coaching guppies and waterpolo this summer, can’t wait to see you all and have a great time!